Super Easy Ways to Protect Your Small Business Online

Did you know that 28% of cyberattacks target small businesses? This issue has been compounded by the number of companies working remotely, but any company with an online presence or systems to be infiltrated is a target. These attackers aren’t amateurs, either; 55% of the attacks come from organized criminal groups, and 86% are financially motivated. In other words, they want your money, whether it’s coming from your pockets or your customers.

27% of these malware incidents involved the use of ransomware. If there’s one thing a small business truly cannot afford during this challenging time, it’s having their web applications disabled and held hostage. At that point, a business reliant on online sales will have their revenue stream disrupted entirely.

Worse yet, if customer payment data and personal credentials are stolen during the attack, you could be dealing with the fallout from a customer service perspective for weeks, months and even years to come.

But these doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do about it.

In a recent article on keeping your SMB’s website securite this holiday season, Kim Little,’s SVP Commercial Lead and Product Management shared “For many of us, the holidays really are the most wonderful time of the year. Unfortunately, hackers and other criminals tend to agree with that sentiment. If a website isn’t properly protected, they’ll sneak down the virtual chimney and make off with more than just milk and cookies. Protect your customer’s data, their website and search ranking, and their personal devices by investing in SSL, website security, and a comprehensive mobile security solution.

When it comes to making more sales, guarding a business’s reputation, and making customers feel at ease, robust online security is the gift that keeps on giving.”


Here comes the sun

With your busy, on-the-go schedule, trying to learn the ins and outs of vulnerability management and threat prevention just isn’t feasible. The good news is you don’t have to.

You need one solution that provides total security and peace of mind. Cyber Security Solution does just that, with a broad range of helpful features, including:

  • 24/7 access to security experts.
  • Risk management, to help you prevent security breaches.
  • Device monitoring, including app security and scanning.
  • Theft prevention, which allows you to locate lost devices.
  • Identity protection, so you have something to fall back on in the event of identity theft.
  • Safe browsing with a built-in mobile VPN client.

Alright, so you might be thinking that with features like that, this solution probably costs a fortune. Unless your definition of “a fortune” is $49.90 a year or $4.99 month, that’s not the case. Cyber Security Solution is affordable, comprehensive and effective. In short, it’s everything you need to secure your mobile device so you can run your business safely from anywhere.

Protect your small business online – and help your customers feel secure

In addition to mobile protection, you need to make sure your website is secure. More than that, you need to be sure your customers know it is. That’s why SSL website security is so important.

There are many types of SSL certificates available, so you can choose the right one for your particular needs. Maybe you just have a personal website you want to secure. Perhaps you’re entering the world of eCommerce and you want to make sure your customers’ payment details stay safe. You could even have a number of subdomains you want to protect.

Whatever your situation, has an SSL option for you. Purchasing an SSL is great for your peace of mind, of course, but mainly it’s about keeping your customers safe and helping them feel confident when using your website. That level of trust is invaluable when conducting business online and could help you stand out from the competition.

Take charge of your online security

In a time of rapid change and economic uncertainty, there’s only so much that’s within your control. But whatever you can do proactively to put your business on solid ground, you should and must if your business is to thrive. 

In addition to the tips listed above, remember to protect your passwords with a few simple best practices. First, never use the same passwords on multiple sites; it opens you up to attacks on several accounts if you are compromised on one. Second, change your passwords often. And finally, don’t use names, dates, locations or other memorable data that would make it easy to guess your password.

That about sums it up. And remember, provides shelter from the online attacks that threaten your small business, with straightforward security solutions that protect you and your customers. You can trust our team to help you keep your online presence secure, rain or shine.