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From account pages to shopping cart checkout, our SSL Certificates let your customers know their private data is protected and your website is trustworthy.

Secure your website with an SSL certificate

Have you ever noticed the lock icon in the top left corner of a website next to the URL? That little lock means that the website has a secure connection and an SSL certificate. Customers recognize that little lock icon and are more likely to share their information with you knowing that it’s safe and secure. 

In addition to keeping your customers’ data safe, your own business data is protected, as well. See what else SSL website security can do for you.




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Positive SSL

Comodo PositiveSSL Certificates
  • Great for personal websites
  • Domain Validation
  • Single Domain
  • Encryption (up to 256-bit)


Comodo EssentialSSL
  • Great for small business
  • Domain Validation
  • Single Domain
  • Encryption (up to 256-bit)


Comodo InstantSSL
  • Great for E-commerce, Corporate, NGO & Govt websites
  • Organization Validation
  • Single Domain
  • Encryption (up to 256-bit)

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Frequently asked questions about SSL Certificate

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, a web security technology that protects your users by hiding the information sent from their browser to your website. It also helps you to build users trust in your business and website.

You need to purchase a SSL Certificate for your domain name if your website requires users to store sensitive information like credit card information or passwords

Yes, our SSL Certificates are compatible with all major and popular web browsers available.

Yes, you can setup Comodo SSL certificate by yourself by following the steps on our knowledgebase, we will have to assist you with that for Certum. Alternatively, we can setup any of our SSL certificates for you if you are hosted with us.

Yes, you can get a refund but only if you made a request to cancel an already issued SSL Certificate within 5 days of purchase or a non-issued SSL Certificate within 30 days of purchase.

No, SSL Certificates are not upgradable. If you need to change your SSL certificate, you will need to purchase the new type and set it up for your website.

The SSL Certificates plans are billed termly for a minimum period of 1 year. Though some certificate authority allows for more than 1 year.

You can use a Wildcard SSL Certificate for a website with multiple subdomains or get DV or OV SSLs for each subdomain.